Evan's Change of direction

Evan's Change of direction

A life-changing decision has proven to be a success story for Minda team member Evan who decided working in a warehouse as a forklift driver was no longer the right fit for him.

Evan, 38, wanted to not just be around people but work with them as well and started a CHC33015 Certificate III Individual Support (Disability) through Minda’s SA Learning Centre (RTO code 4881) under the guidance of trainer Peter Wilkes.

“I wanted to work in a job that’s more person focused, I came from an industry that was very machine focused and I wanted to come where the people are,” he says.

It was when it came time for him to complete his 120 hours of work placement as part of the course that Evan made the big leap, quitting his job and contacting Minda Brighton about placement opportunities.

He was offered not just his placement hours, but for the last three months has been employed as a Disability Support Worker.

“The interaction and the relationships that I’m building with the clients is really important, as well as the happiness levels for me personally,” Evan says.

“The SALC course was really good, the trainers are excellent and then following on, coming here, the staff have been really accommodating to me, helping me out a lot.”

Evan says it is definitely a long-term career path for him.

“Absolutely, I’d be happy to do this leading into retirement. I only started here three months and have definitely learnt a lot in those three months.”

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