The South Australian Learning Centre (SALC) is committed to providing excellence in learning and teaching within the community services sector. The Code sets out SALC’s expectations of the students with respect to their academic personal conduct.

Student Obligations

  • Students have an obligation to inform themselves of the RTO’s rules and policies affecting them.
  • Students must ensure their contact details with SALC are up to date and that they inform SALC of any changes as soon as possible.
  • Students must identify themselves truthfully when required to do so by Minda staff.

Integrity in academic behaviour
Students are expected to:

  • Treat all staff, other students, clients, and visitors to Minda and the SALC with courtesy, tolerance, and respect. This extends to teaching staff in venues off site and online, and supervisors and others involved in work placements.
  • Respect the rights of others to be treated equitably, free from all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment.
  • Respect the rights of others to express political and religious views and not engage in behaviour that is obscene, dangerous or could reasonably be considered to be offensive to others.
  • Not engage in behaviour that is unlawful, discriminatory, harassing or bullying.
  • Not engage in behaviour that is perceived to be threatening or intimidating or causes any person to fear for the personal safety or well-being.

RTO’s resources and reputation
Students are expected to:

  • Use and care for all SALC resources, such as buildings, equipment and groups, information and technology resources, in a lawful and ethical manner, mindful of the need for resources to be shared by all members of the SALC community.
  • Conduct themselves in an appropriate manner while on a student placement, including complying with relevant academic standards and protocols
  • Ensure their actions or inactions as a student do not harm, or bring into disrepute SALC’s reputation or good standing
  • Not engage in behaviour that is detrimental to SALC’s property
  • Not participate in any learning activity, such as classes or placement while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • Not use, possess, or supply any prohibited drug, substance, or weapon on campus
  • Not misuse any facilities in a manner which is unlawful, or which will be detrimental to the rights and properties of others

Breaches of the Code of conduct:
In the first instance, the Learner will be spoken to by a SA Learning Centre staff member and asked to discontinue the behaviour.
If behaviour continues, the learner will be asked to leave the course or have their enrolment cancelled and withdrawn.